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Our Mission

We are on a mission to create a place where people feel they belong, where they can get inspired and creative. We want to spread acceptance of ourselves and others. We believe that every person on earth is an artist; no matter what you do in society, you can approach it with artistry. Coffee is our medium and our artform. 

We started this company with grassroots values but we execute quality like your favorite corporation that you want canceled.

What the 11th Hour Means To Us

We started this company on the foundation that there was no Plan B, we knew what we wanted and we decided at the last moment to drop everything and go for it.

The 11th hour was established ironically at the 11th Hour. It is the moment you realize you have the power to change the perspective of your reality. It is the moment you make a choice to think and act differently, knowing it will bring about a better outcome.

There’s always hope, there’s always magic. Nothing is too late, nothing is too early. When the 11th Hour presents itself, rise to the occasion.